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Yoga Practice and Crystal Bowls Allow 2.5hrs - individual session only


Session options:

(please click the link to our yoga page to determine the session thats right for you)


- General Yoga

- Pre Natal Yoga

- Post Natal Yoga

- Women's Yoga

- Chair Yoga

- Restorative Yoga

- Trauma Sensitive


This session allows us to construct a private yoga practice to work through and for you to take home - to weave into your busy week

Together we will establish a practice that caters to your personal goals/needs - we will then aim to implement them into a schedule for you to work towards Using the crystal bowls as our guide we can determine energetically where there maybe some imbalances - we will use this as our focus during the session

Meditation techniques can be explored, a visualisation (optional) and concluding the session allow the beautiful sounds emanating from the quartz crystal and alchemy singing bowls to usher you into a profound relaxation

Individual Private Practice -Yoga/Crystal Bowl

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