Alchemy Singing Bowls

A powerful form of energetic healing assisting with healing on all levels -

physically / emotionally / mentally & spiritually.


This blissful experience has been known to help clients in the following ways....

*It changes & shifts caught up energetic patterns / allowing new ones to be created.

*It can release & heal deeply seated emotional wounds.

*It may shine light on your creativity path (known to help with what people refer to as writers block).

*Bring clarity & focus 

*Alleviates anxiety & fear - promotes calm.

It has been said, that all ancient cultures & indigenous people believed and still do, that sound is the creative, generative force which brought the universe into being. 

In the 1930's the medium Edgar Cayce predicted that sound would be the medicine of the future.

That future is now ...…

Crystal Sound Therapy

One to One

Crystal Sound Session - Sound bath

Together we will discuss the sound session most suitable for your needs. Some prefer to have the crystal bowls placed & played around the body - this is an experience not to be missed. We will settle into this sacred space with awareness to the breath. Together we will create a mantra, we will determine what crystals will be placed on the body......

you will then be guided through a Soundscape journey using the Quartz Crystal and Alchemy bowls.

Over a cuppa or filtered water, we can then debrief.

Allow 2 - 2.5 hours 

Click the button below to book your session - please fill out the One to One & Group Booking Inquiry Form

Price - $188.00 incl 

Shared Session

Treat yourself or share your session with someone. 

We will settle into the space with focus to the breath - Karen will guide you through a soundscape using Quartz Crystal & Alchemy singing bowls. Treat your body / mind & spirit - to this deep relaxation experience. 

Option 1 includes: Yoga & 10min Relaxation with the Crystal Bowls - $55.00

Option 2 includes: Yoga Breathwork & 30min Relaxation with the Crystal Bowls - $88.00

Price - $55.00 per session (1 or 2 people)