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YOGA BLUE MOUNTAINS pre natal yoga

When in a state of suffering it is very hard to focus positively. It's obvious something is out of balance within your system. Your physical state has bought this to your attention. You address the physical manifestation of the problem constantly, while you search for the underlying cause.

You go through denial, and then a realisation and a "fight or flight" situation. Cleansing processes of many kinds are experienced, blood and food allergy tests also. Your diet is monitored and bland. Stress of some sort has got you here, not knowing how to deal with the situation brings more stress and you continue to deal with the normal daily stresses of life, as they present. Thorough observation and record keeping comes into play and arduous coping strategies are undergone daily to keep it all together. Depression weighs heavy, as regular sleeping pattern's become irregular, anxiety sets in and panic attacks are common. Fear of going to sleep at night is real. When you do, you snore, your system is chaotic. You literally feel the nervous system vibrating, due to an alignment fault; you could do with some serious calibration. You gain excess body weight; you avoid mirrors as the skin disorder spreads across the body. Your not feeling very amorous and washing of the body is painful and becomes quite a chore.


The positive attitude, unwavering love and support of your husband is what keeps you sane. Regular visits to the Naturopath, a nutritional plan, herbal blends and another shoulder to lean on, were crucial.


Curiosity and research drew me to the subtle yet powerful world of energetic healing during this period of my life, and after experiencing a one day workshop; a noticeable shift occurred.

Inspired by my now dear friend and mentor Susie Nelson-Smith, I am now qualified as a Crystal Sound Therapist and hope to continue sharing this beautiful modality.


A yoga lifestyle and a tune up / a recalibration from the sounds of the crystal bowls, now keeps me in check.


With this realisation, came the focus of wanting to teach yoga.


Again after extensive research, I was drawn to The Yoga Institute - North Sydney. I attended a class lead by Michael de Manincor and from that moment was convinced that this was where I would do my training. I registered with Lisa and made the commitment that morning.


It was the most amazing experience.........I will treasure forever.


Diploma - Crystal Sound Therapy with Crystal Singing Bowls

with Susie Nelson Smith 2012

Diploma of Yoga Studies & Teacher Training

with Michael de Manincor  

Yoga Institute 2013​


Post Graduate course, Teaching Pre & Post Natal Yoga 2016

Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga foundational workshop

with Esther Van de Sande 2017

​​Current member of the International Australian Energetic Healing Association

Current member of Yoga Australia


"I think your lovely classes really helped - I listened to your crystal bowl CD all through the later stages of labour and focused on breathing all the time and as far as having a baby goes - it all went really well." - Francesca

"Simply wonderful experience, totally relaxed; was made to feel special - gorgeous experience."  - Kerrie

"The classes I have attended with the lovely instructor “Karen” have been of course Yoga, breathing exercises & Crystal Sound Bowls. I would like to say that since commencing Yoga @ Crystal Sound Movement in 2014, it has given me such a calmness and balance, which has finally grounded me.It is a very spiritual and beautifying experience for me, that gave me a body awareness I completely tune into. l feel the benefit of the classes have given me an inner peace & remind me to appreciate all that is & around me! It benefits my flexibility and has helped greatly with the anxiety I used to feel at times from life’s crazy pace."

- Melissa

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